Attic Art Club is a group of around thirty professional and semi-professional artists. Established more than 70 years ago, (as its name suggests) in an attic in Ditchling. Founded by a talented artist, Rose Cobban (pictured left), for her and her group of friends to meet to paint and discuss visual art together, it became a fundamental part of the village artistic heritage.

The Ditching Gazette of 1960 reported that ”far from living in the past, it is a very live organisation, men have been allowed to join in the last three years and numbers have been growing steadily, although the aim is, as it has always been, that it shall remain essentially small, selective and compact“.

The Attic Art Club today follows these ideals, with new members being selected by current members, to maintain the high professional standard, although membership has been widened to include artists from across East and West Sussex and includes not only painters using a wide range of media and styles: evocative watercolours, stunning abstracts and fascinating portraits, but also sculptors, ceramicists and currently a glass artist. The oldest member, Rosalie Williams, is now 92 and still producing beautiful embroidered pictures.